Portable yet powerful jump starters that can instantly start a car with depleted battery.

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Motor vehicle became a part of lifestyle for people living in 21st century. With drone battery technologies that produces an output with a maximum of 180 times greater than ordinary battery capacity within just 0.2 seconds, battery discharge, which may occur due to long-term parking or cold weather, and the subsequent shortening of the battery’s life expectancy can be prevented.

✔️ 【STURDY & POWERFUL】 - With total capacity of 16,000mAh, jump start your vehicle (up to gasoline (LPG) 8.0L / diesel 4.0L) with 600A peak current and patented smart cable. Safety assured with FCC, CE, RoHS, KC certifications.
✔️ 【PATENTED SAFETY CABLE】 - Built-in safety circuit that only works when connected to car battery (Patented). Red LED light turns on when polarity is reversed. Anti-spark / Anti-overheating / Reverse-polarity protection
✔️ 【SAFEST BATTERY USED】 - Safe and long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery, meeting International battery standards (Certification Standards IEC62133/KC62133)
✔️ 【OTHER FEATURES】 - Two 5v USB connectors, 12v cigar jack output terminal. Can be used as portable power bank. Strong flashlight included for night use.
✔️ Remaining battery power can be checked with side LED lamp. / Weight : 1.8 lb (810g) / Size : 7.4 x 5.2 x 1.5 in (188 x 134 x 37mm)